West Barnet Woodworks uses the finest New England hardwoods in its furniture designs. Michael Lamp, master craftsman and furniture designer has been making hand crafted hand carved furniture for the last 30 years.

Mike recently purchased around 1000 board feet of reclaimed Red Birch.  This is wood that was harvested 150 or so years ago in northern Vermont, which subsequently fell through the ice on the pond where it was awaiting its fate, and sank to the bottom, only to be discovered about 20 years ago and hauled to the surface, milled and dried.  This is old, dense wood with a lot of character.  A table, bench, or whatever you like would be beautiful in your house.

His knowledge and experience are built into every custom cabinet, bed, chair, table and door he creates. Anything you can imagine, we can build.  The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont produces some of the most beautiful hardwoods anywhere, which Mike uses in all his creations. We invite you to take a look around the site and see for yourself. Mike is also very easy to work with. Feel free to write him an e-mail at: mikenjaellamp@gmail.com or pick up the phone and give him a call at: (802) 633-2860. You can view more pictures on the West Barnet Woodworks Facebook page.

Mike doesn’t cut corners either. You can rest assured that each custom piece of furniture is built with love and his many years of knowledge that come from creating unique, exquisite pieces of art that adorn his home and the homes of his collectors.

Hi, it’s Mike.  I have been incredibly busy doing beautiful custom woodwork for discerning customers.  You will be amazed what I can accomplish with native North American hardwoods such as White Oak, Yellow Birch, Black Cherry, Maple, Butternut, Black Walnut, or anything else that grows in the United States, and especially right here in Vermont.  Call 802.633.2860 or email mikenjaellamp@gmail.com and see what we can come up with.

Quality: Hand crafted, hand carved…

Hand Carved Tables Cabinets This full size bed is Vermont Black Cherry and Quilted Maple. Every available flat surface has been hand carved