About Us

West Barnet Woodworks began in 2006 when after 15 years at my previous job, I needed a change of scenery.  I decided to focus on designing and building my own creations, in collaboration with my customers.  Since I started West Barnet Woodworks, I have built many custom beds, chairs, tables and cabinets.  I have worked with others to create fabulous custom staircases and doors.  I have used my talents as a sculptor to embellish many of my pieces with intricate carvings.

West Barnet Woodworks is a one-man shop.  Everything that comes out of my door was built by me, and I guarantee that you will be thrilled with anything I create for you.

Mike Lamp
West Barnet Woodworks
98 Campers Lane
Barnet, VT 05821

— Serving the Northeast —
Maine – New Hampshire – Vermont – New York – Massachusetts
Rhode Island – Connecticut