I built these 2 end tables out of a broken cookie from a 195 year old (If your eyes are better than mine, feel free to count the rings yourself: I won’t argue with you) tap hole Sugar Maple that was cut down in Peacham, Vermont about 10 years ago. I guess that means it sprouted about 1813. The base is spalted Sugar Maple that my friend Hiram Allen rescued from a right-of-way clearing project in Hartland, Vermont about 20 years ago. You can see them at The Miller’s Thumb Gallery in Greensboro, Vt when they open on Saturday, May 12. Nice Mother’s Day gift.
Next up is a pair of White Cedar buckets that are supposed to hold water. One for our sauna, one for the blacksmith shop at Ben’s Mill.
gate-leg table, about 36 in diameter. It folds to 9 wide. It is made of Pennsylvania Black Walnut, Vermont Birds-eye Maple and Vermont Black Cherry burl These matching nightstands are made of Vermont Black Cherry and Flame Birch, with Black Walnut that came from Pennsylvania This trapezoidal end table is Black Walnut and Vermont Flame Birch and a lot of fun to build


Versatile Tables