Stunning, Mike – what a gift you have, and we’re gifted to own a few of your fine works J. Edmundson

Mike is a true craftsman in every sense of the term.  He can take any idea and craft it. We absolutely love the pieces he has created for us and know they will last a lifetime!

Scott and Jessica Hook

Working with Mike is a treat.  Not only is he a really nice guy to work with, but you get a master craftsman with a great eye for detail.  Mike’s work belongs in museums and anyone who finds him in the NE Kingdom is lucky. One particular project I got to work with him on was the design of an insulated wood door that Mike helped synthesize into a great piece that ended up in a Finehomebuilding article.  You should definitely find an excuse to have Mike Lamp build you something.

Ben Graham
New Frameworks

“Mike creates beautiful, warm, and functional furniture. He’s crafted a full bedroom set for us in cherry, walnut, and flame birch and a drop-leaf table and dining room chairs in cherry. The flame birch almost looks like fabric and is particularly eye catching. He pays exquisite attention to detail and finish. People can’t resist running their hands across Mike’s furniture.”

Carol Olson

In my 30 plus years of designing and contracting the restoration of historic buildings the descriptions ”Great Guy”  and  “Great Woodworker” have only rarely gone together…Mike Lamp fits that bill. His knowledge of “wood”  is incomparable and his ability to craft it into anything imaginable means that he’s a single source for an endless variety of wood-crafted products. Add this to someone who is also easy to talk to, asks good questions, and is eager to face new challenges and I would say he has been my favorite woodworker. Mike reminds me of the guy who can honestly say that he has never worked a day in his life because woodworking is what he loves!

Gregory J. Jackmauh, President
ReConstructions, Inc.
Since 1985