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West Barnet Woodworks is a Vermont Furniture Maker & Custom Wood Working Artisan

My name is Mike Lamp, and I am the owner of West Barnet Woodworks. I am a Vermont furniture creator and woodworking artist, a master craftsman who uses the finest, and also the most unusual, New England hardwoods in my custom-designed, hand-made creations. I built my first table in 1976, and I put to work everything I have learned since then in each custom-built and hand-carved bed, chair, table, cabinet, door, and widget my hands have made since.

I sometimes get requests to use woods such as Teak, Mahogany, Purpleheart, or any one of a number of rainforest woods in my furniture art. My response is some variation on this: The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont produces some of the finest, most beautiful hardwood found anywhere in the world. Yellow Birch, Black Cherry, Red Oak, Butternut, White Ash, and the many forms of figured Maple – Birdseye, Tiger, Blistered – all grow in Vermont. I also use wood that grows in distant lands such as New Hampshire, New York, and Pennsylvania – think Black Walnut and White Oak – that never found a foothold in Vermont. I know most of the loggers and all of the dealers in my supply chain, and I know how they care for the land the wood comes from. I am proud of the fact that the wood I use in my hand-crafted art furniture is responsibly harvested. Buy local.

I’d like to be able to create some new furniture, but my house is getting a bit full. I would love to see some of my work at your house!  You can see the double rocking chair at the Northeast Kingdom Artisan’s Guild on Railroad Street in St. Johnsbury, VT.  All the wood used in my work comes from the US, most of it from Vermont. I can be more specific upon request. Have a look through the photo gallery, click in the “i” to see description/price and see what unique, exquisite, functional art can be yours by contacting Mike Lamp of West Barnet Woodworks.
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Alll the wood used in my work comes from the US, most of it from Vermont. I can be more specific upon request.

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Made in Vermont Quality: Hand crafted, hand carved, custom tables, custom chairs, custom beds, custom doors, custom cabinetry, Millwork and other unique furniture in Vermont. Click links above or see photos in Menu/Photo Gallery.. ie: Chairs, Tables, etc to see many more!

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